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Kenneth R. Kafka, M.D.
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   Nutritional supplements can be very important for a wide variety of both chronic and acute conditions. When ill or run down, they can be used to heal or renew. Sometimes high doses are needed for a few months and after deficiencies are restored, they can be tapered to a very manageable amount. Unfortunately, as we mature, we may require additional amounts of supplementation.

     I carry a selection of supplements that I deem important in the office. This enables immediate treatment in some cases and is practical. For your convenience, I have set up an account with the vitamin warehouse company Emerson Ecologics. They carry supplements from most of the nutritional companies that I have come to trust over the years, including Pure Encapsulations, Allergy Research Group, Designs for Health, Douglas Labs and many others. They are a highly respected company with excellent service, shipment usually arriving 24-48 hours after placing an order.

     To place an order, click on the following link,
Emerson Ecologics. From there, sign up using my access code, 646718. After becoming a member, you will be directed to a “Virtual Pharmacy”, which has a host of supplements I commonly suggest. However, you are not limited to that page. You can search the site by brand name or supplement name, and have access to nearly twenty thousand items, including Chinese and Ayurveda herbal products. You will receive a 5% discount as a service from me to you.

     Remember, while these supplements can be very helpful to your overall wellbeing, the food you eat and the lifestyle choices you make will have the greatest impact on your health and happiness in the long term. In addition, always take a break, perhaps weekends or one day per week without taking you supplements (unless of course your doctor tells you otherwise). If you do that, you will appreciate taking them when you resume.


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Kenneth R. Kafka, M.D.
955 Carrillo Drive, Suite 210, Los Angeles, CA 90048      Tel: 310. 888.7778 Fax: 323.938.0074
204A Pirie Road, Ojai, CA 93023

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