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Kenneth R. Kafka, M.D.
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Kenneth R. Kafka, MD

    After moving into my 6th decade I found myself dragging through the day. I didn’t have energy or enthusiasm for activities that were once important to me. Now at 67 and after more than five years under the fine-tuning of my hormones and blood chemistry by Dr. Kafka I’m re-engaged with life. I can play tennis for hours at a time, and I have sustained energy and interests in things that used to drain me. I now feel more positive, alive, and like my younger self once again. I am grateful to Dr. Kafka for his help and support.
                                                                                                                              – Jonathan Parker, Ph.D.

     Kenneth Kafka is one of the finest doctors I ever worked with.
     From my first visit to his office, over 10 years ago, he has been interested in getting to know me, so that he can treat me holistically. He genuinely cares about my well being, on all levels, my physical, emotional and spiritual health. From my experience, he has a deep understanding of the body, mind, spirit connection and he treats the whole person.
Having dealt, over the years, with a chronic complicated array of health issues, and being involved in the world of specialty doctors who focus on the parts or individual issues, Dr. Kafka is the one who has helped me hold the whole picture of my health and well being. He has also helped me to look at the long term picture and the long term effects of different treatment options. He helps me to find more l ways of supporting my body through natural treatments and in mitigating the long-term side effects of them.
     I have worked with him in balancing my hormones and brain chemistry. He has helped me through the sleeplessness of peri-menopause and an array of other menopause symptoms, like mood shifts, memory issues and hot flashes. I appreciate his balance of natural remedies and allopathic treatments.
Dr. Kafka is deeply compassionate and one of the things that I find most assuring is that he knows the medical system, both from the perspective of being a doctor and healer.He truly empathizes with the patient’s experience and knows what people need, what’s helpful and reassuring.
As you can tell, I highly recommend him!
                                                                                                                                               - L. Weaver

     Back in May of 2008, I had become very tired, overweight and depressed. An advisor recommended that I visit Dr. Kafka for a physical and total blood analysis. Dr. Kafka then put me on a regime of exercise, supplements, diet adjustments, and, most importantly, bio-identical HCG. The thrice a week muscular injections boosted my testosterone levels, bringing my energy and enthusiasm for living back. I have lost 32 pounds, gained muscle and vigor and have a far more positive outlook on myself, and life!
                                                                                                                                                  - Larry R.

     After a lifetime of depression and a myriad of seemingly unrelated ailments that were frequently diagnosed as psychosomatic, I began working with Dr. Kafka. I knew that I had finally found someone who looked at me as a whole when he spread my lab results over his desk and began connecting the dots. He was able to put the pieces together in a way that no one ever had. Because of him, I now live a healthy and joyous life.
                                                                                                                                         - Paula Spellman

     Dr. Kafka is a veritable intuitive alchemist with an unrelenting inquisitive nature. He was able to sort out and address a plethora of hormonal and chemical imbalances in my body, successfully addressing every one. A plaguing lifelong thyroid issue quickly resolved, and when the time came, menopause was easily navigated. From an exhausted middle age woman, a careful medically coached transformation to the crone years was accomplished effortlessly. Dr. Kafka takes the time to get to know his patients, their medical history and their lifestyles, and then crafts individual solutions that most elegantly address the needs of each individual.
     Thyroid disease, hormone imbalances, lethargy, sleep problems, concentration challenges, brain fog, anxiety, weight issues, liver function, dietary problems, exercise, anti aging techniques, etc. are all well within the scope of Dr. Kafka’s expertise. He continually keeps current with emerging technologies and deftly juggles treatments with lifestyle changes, diet, herbs, supplements and medications.
     Dr. Kafka is a treasure, and I frequently recommend him to friends and colleagues.
                                                                                                                                                       - C.H.

     Fortunate is the man or woman who shares and entrusts the care of their health to Kenneth Kafka, M.D. His professional and intuitive medical expertise guides his practice in Integrative Medicine. I have had a serious chronic physical illness for decades. Dr. Kafka has played a pivotal role in keeping me “up and running” with his broad knowledge of bio-identical hormones, traditional Western medicine, vitamins, herbs, and adrenal and neurotransmitter support. He has the number one quality of a good human being…..kindness”
                                                                                                      - Mary W. Leibman, M.A, Depth Psychology

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Dr. Kafka three years ago, after being given several referrals for a Holistic MD. I came to him with different issues related to hormones and my continued well care. I found him to be very knowledgeable regarding modalities and approaches to achieving a balanced mind/body/spirit. He has an engaging, intelligent manner in which he gets to know you, making you feel heard and seen as a patient with individual needs. I highly recommend him as a physician and health care advisor.
                                                                                                                                                         - TF

     Several years ago I moved to Ojai from Los Angeles and my biggest concern was how was I going to replace the doctor that managed my thyroid issues. I have a tricky thyroid that is not treated right by traditional western medicine, and I didn't relish the idea of driving to Los Angeles every time I needed an appointment. I feel so blessed to have found Dr. Kafka. He has the perfect blend of western and eastern medicine knowledge, and he really cares about the whole person, not just the pills I take every day. Through natural medicine he's helped me balance my system so my mood is more stable and my energy is greater.
Every time I go he asks me about the rest of my life too, not just my health. One time I went I was so stressed out about some things happening in my life, and he suggested some supplements to help alleviate the anxiety I was feeling. In addition, he reminded me to think about what I was doing each day to take care of me, making time to rest and participate in fun activities. I was getting lost in the craziness of life, and he reminded me how to get re-centered.
I would highly recommend Dr. Kafka!
                                                                                                                                               - Bonnie L.


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